4ps of lg

LG started working in electronics for the production of TVs, radios, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. The various features of the refrigerators also decides the price which they charge. G needs to improve its marketing strategies in Pakistan as in compared to India to achieve the highest target presented by.

Relatively LG refrigerator's parts are expensive comparative to locally made because LG imports spare parts from Korea and various other LG production centers.

Prada conducts fashion shows which proved to be very productive and persuasive especially in the fashion industry. Eighty per cent of new drinkers now come from the rural markets.

LG Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Coca Cola, with their Aamir Khan Ad campaign succeeded in providing just that. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. They pick up the famous faces of the country and they in due course make them the brand ambassador.

Availability The first challenge in rural marketing is to ensure availability of the product or service. Prada has their own website portraying each of their products with full details ensuring customers get appropriate information about a particular product.

Off With The Old Perhaps the most important step was to leave behind the baggage of the past. It has also used banners, posters and tapped all the local forms of entertainment. We find that the company has ventured into all kind of products which are technology oriented and carter to the taste of the people.

Marketing Strategies Of L.G Home Appliances In India And Pakistan

Within just five months. Prada has an exclusive jewelry, cosmetics and handbags sector for women. So clearly there seems to be a long way ahead. Consumption of branded products is treated as a special treat or indulgence. Lead 11 is one such initiative to celebrate the national spirit by giving platform to our young future generation to lead the cricket stars.

Local Agent of LG simply gives advice and coordinate in its implementation. Consider the mobile phones, where there are a lot of varieties which are catering to the needs of the people of various segments depending on the choice of the technology and the purse strength of the customers.

They also had various ads on Magazines like Vogue and Elle. The company earns good profit over its investment, which it made on the manufacturing of its products. A penetrative distribution strategy ensured that products were available even in smaller towns and cities, breaking the chain of urban dependency that plagues most white goods manufacturers.

LG TV, Computers, Appliances, Air Conditioners and Mobile Phones

The brand LG, is famous all over the world. The company has also prepared the mobile phones, and new technology is being used in these handsets. After Sales Services Dawlance believes that after sales service is one of the most important elements of marketing mix and thus give due emphasize in providing quality after sale service to its refrigerator customers.

The refrigerators are priced at various prices also. The quality of the products is unique and wonderful and it can get the attention of clients. The first partnership ended acrimoniously while the second never took off from the ground. The company feels that they should have direct communication with their customers at the time of sale of its products.

Affordability The second major challenge is to ensure affordability of the product or service. Simply based on historical forecast and feedback of their dealer about the possible demand, they import from their principal. The company invites the renowned personalities from entertainment and sports for promotion of their products among public.

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It is also need to understand the role, which is being played by the advertising and its impact on the promotion of sales of the company.

We have introduced entire new range of product across categories. This was the main strategy of the company. A solution to this has been introduction of unit packs by some companies. The clients demand the most sophisticated handset with some added features and apps in this handset.

Though in case of India there has been flawless marketing strategies that is why L. More than 15, customers engaged till date and around 20, will be engaged by end of June Measure Against Standards And Control vMain Players of the Refrigerators in Pakistan Market vJust to understand the refrigeration market, first of all we should know who the main players in the market are?

Let us start the LG Marketing Mix: So Lucky Goldstar took on not one, but two joint venture partners. Marketers must trade off the distribution cost with incremental market penetration.Product in the Marketing mix of LG LG electronics deals in various electronic industries like vehicle components, mobile devices, consumer goods and home appliances.

The company holds the distinction of being the first to make the CDMA mobile digital handsets. Dec 13,  · ü LG Electronics has set up 45 area offices and 59 rural/remote area offices to cater to these potential markets.

2. Affordability. The second major challenge is to ensure affordability of the product or service. With low disposable incomes, products need to be affordable to the rural consumer, most of who are on daily wages. Marketing Mix of Prada analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Prada marketing strategy.

LG’s competitive strategies are (LG Electronics Year Historypp. ): Focusing on boosting ROIC (Return on Investment Capital) instead of simple growth. LG targets to achieve ROIC 15%, it means company have to improve gross margin.

LG TV, Computers, Appliances, Air Conditioners and Mobile Phones Life is more than having the latest technology, it’s about the experiences technology creates.

Prada Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

From TVs and home appliances to mobile phones and IT products, LG Singapore delivers consumer electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments. Marketing Mix of LG analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the LG marketing strategy.

The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

4ps of lg
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