An analysis of the cloaking device and the use of gravitational lensing

Halt, case Rendlesham forest Dec If two objects result in the same image, we have nonuniqueness. UFOs hover close to the ground for long times instead of landing.

Gravitational lens

Sightings of triangular UFOs began rising in the late s and became very common in the s. Scientific applications[ edit ] Galaxy-galaxy lensing like all other types of gravitational lensing is used to measure several quantities pertaining to mass: Perhaps there's a very localized way of explaining this and why the ships aren't covered in space junk gravitationally sticking to them and why with the simulated gravity of an entire planet they can orbit a planet and not cause major havoc or at least screw up their tides something terrible?

Operation is almost completely silent compared to conventional jets and rocket engines. Hill terms them "running lights", and thinks they are "at least as complicated as those of cars, boats, and aircraft, and perhaps as superficial", however IMO they also could be related to the UFO's propulsion.

How old is it? A cigar at the crime scene would not in itself point to a single person, but if we know from other investigations that only 5 people could have visited the crime scene that night, and only one of them is a smoker, we have more definitive evidence. There is no jet propulsion, there is no ejection of propellant of any kind.

If it was this gravitational field generator inside the ship what would happen to the ship? The surfaces of the UFO are not very hot, nothing is at a red heat. This rule, of course, is not invariable. Of the first two field types, the UFO propulsive force field PFF may be thought as being long-range, narrow and focused.

G-force Wikipedia Hill points out that the dazzling maneuver performance of UFO scout ships seems to result from their being over-designed for the investigation of planet Earth. Roy of the University of Florida in Also, in several cases of hovering round UFOs discoid, spherical and egg shaped the gravity-like force field seems to prevail within a cylindrical zone having about the same diameter as the UFO and extending from it down to the ground.

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As a morbid example, a crime scene investigation is a sort of inverse problem. This solid color luminosity comes in golden orange, amber, yellow, red, green like copper flameblue-green, blue, bluish-purple, blue-violet, brilliant white, singly or in combinations.

A spherical object about 15 ft in diameter. Or do they require different tuning, one to operate on low frequency for physical objects they might run into while zooming around space and the other for high frequency weapons? In this case, nonuniqueness is a good thing: Rosedale, Victoria, Australia etc.

UFOs' propellantless propulsion and associated phenomena seem to defy our Physics theories. The gravitational field of the nearer galaxy distorts the image of the more distant galaxy into multiple arc-shaped images.

CPTR's database of physical trace case reports Weight: Some diskoid UFOs e. For comparison, a Boeing "Jumbo jet", one of the largest passenger aircraft, has a length of 70m ft and wingspan of 60m ft. Large UFOs like dirigibles and cylinders may have plume-like wakes when accelerating rapidly or moving at high speeds.

Indeed, witness reports describe that these fields bend and break tree branches, bump or slow automobiles spinning them out of control or tipping them over, stop people by force or knock them down.Star Trek Discovery (Episode 9) Klingon Cloaking Device Explanation [closed] Clever, so if light/EM waves cannot hit it (gets warped around, maybe something like gravitational lensing around a black hole?) so it's not possible "see" the ship.

So according to the majority of lore throughout the series the cloaking device was a type of. Books. 2nd ed Compensation Administration: Clo-Con Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines.

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Not sure if this is a question for SciFi SX or Physics SX. In Star Trek Discovery (Season 1 Episode 9) the USS Discovery (aka good guys) are in war with the Klingons (bad guys). The bad guys have. Are there any cases in which the gravitational lensing of a quasar has been observed in both visible light and in radio waves, and if so, is the radio-wave resolution good enough to.

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An analysis of the cloaking device and the use of gravitational lensing
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