An essay on issues in pakistans national identity

All of them were killed to avoid a rebellion before the attack on Delhi. Mahmud of GhazniSultan of the Ghaznavid empireinvaded the Indian subcontinent during the early 11th century. The Hindu nationalist was neo-herderian, with one important exception.

We became a country in because no one truly wanted us. The supporters of the Islamist school use Islamic ideology to suppress ethnic and cultural pluralism and thus encourage centralization, authoritarianism and anti-federation sentiment.

When it cannot be sure about its own identity, how can the state give us a plausible narrative? Be their bodies the constant object of their cares i.

Persecution of Hindus

The order was given for a general massacre of the infidels as a punishment. He stopped the idolatrous rites of the infidels there. They were also subjected to forcible conversions to Islam, death, and torture.

Oxford University Press, van den Bergh. He also ordered the breaking of all "golden and silver images". Timur The Turko-Mongol ruler Timur 's attack on India was marked by systematic slaughter and other atrocities on a massive scale which were inflicted mainly on the subcontinent's Hindu population.

The physical presence of the English was further enhanced by their institutions and perceptions. InJalandhar for example, was retaken by Hindus and all Muslims inside the fort were placed in prison. Even the Punjabis, who are widely viewed as controlling the state, often identify more closely with Punjab than with Pakistan.

Pakistani National Identity: Muslim, Multilingual and Multicultural?

It did not totally reject the Muslim community but required the Muslims to convert to Hinduism and adopt the ideal Hindu culture for inclusion Varshney, Meanwhile, their wives and children were enslaved and their property plundered.

InJalandhar for example, was retaken by Hindus and all Muslims inside the fort were placed in prison. He stopped the idolatrous rites of the infidels there. They tried to resist but were defeated and fled.

Every city thus conformed as he desired to the customs of Islam.


Kirmani claims that 70, Coorgis were converted, when forty years later the entire population of Coorg was still less than that number. The Hindu refused to change his view and was killed. The intellectual debate as well as the very experiences of the people of the lands showed that India is a state without a nation.

India and National Identity

Every soldier obtained more than twenty persons as slaves, and some brought as many as fifty or a hundred men, women and children as slaves of the city. Yet these ethnicities do not vie with Pakistani nationhood and reflect the evolving dynamics of multiple identities in Pakistan5.

His forces captured the fort by afternoon and per the account put "everyone in there to the sword".

Pakistan’s identity crisis

The temples, cities, and villages were plundered. The fire first reached him in the feet and drew from him a cry, and then fire completely enveloped him.

In Kashmir, Sultan Sikandar began expanding, and unleashed religious violence that earned him the name but-shikan or idol-breaker. The quest for Indian national identity has set its mark in the Indian history for the last one hundred and fifty years.

This is after the Turkic conquests.

Persecution of Hindus

The first mosque built in Delhi, the " Quwwat al-Islam " was built with demolished parts of 20 Hindu and Jain temples. Every city thus conformed as he desired to the customs of Islam. Savarkar, along with Tilak, Aurobindo, was arguably one of the major master minds of the Hindutva.

He destroyed the vast majority of Hindu and Buddhist temples within his reach in the Kashmir region north and northwest India. But it is a theory, all right. Why do we refuse to believe we are capable of becoming a nation? Aurangzeb re-introduced jizya tax on non-Muslims, [92] led numerous campaigns of attacks against non-Muslims, forcibly converted Hindus to Islam and destroyed Hindu temples.

Through the power of reason you can convince everybody. Then what shakes our self-confidence. During the attack, Per Tarikh-i-Sher Shahi Suri was burnt in an explosion and ordered his nobles to take the fort while he was still alive.Browse Essays / Social Issues; India and National Identity This Essay India and National Identity and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • September 28, • Essay • 2, Words (10 Pages) • 1, Views.4/4(1).

Abductive reasoning commands, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” It is called the duck test and is quite useful too. Pakistan issues the first National Identity Card, Pakistan issues the first National Identity Card, Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict in Pakistan 53 Azerbaijan and Tajikistan etc Britain which appeared to have achieved national integration to a.

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An essay on issues in pakistans national identity
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