The story about a nigerian family in the book the bride price

To make this a little clearer, in a patriarchal society, man is considered the norm. They, however, leave unanswered the practical problems of outright abolition. It creates the status of betrothal and therefore a special relationship between the parties to the intended marriage.

Forty-seven percent of all children attend school, and over one hundred thousand go on to college. A three-tiered school system is established that includes: Unlike his younger brother, Okonkwo has lived his entire life in the village of Ibuza.

Buchi Emecheta

Although female writers are still in a minority among published African writers, traditionally, the art of storytelling was almost exclusively a female role.

That child is still a female living in a patriarchal society whether or not she is accepted by her people. In Okeke v Okoye, the plaintiff respondent claimed as against the appellants in the Udoka District Court, Grade A', Awka Division, that he, being the eldest son of his deceased father, was, in accordance with the customary law of the area, the person entitled to the bride price paid on one Ifechukwu Okoye, daughter of his late father.

The Bride Price

Although Emecheta does not overtly criticize the traditional customs of her culture in The Bride Price, her writing has been criticized by male African writers for its negative portrayal of Nigerian customs.

Along the lines, the quiet and peaceful Aku-nna befriends the village teacher, Chike, who she soon forms a relationship with. In Ibuza tradition, it is said that any woman whose bride price is not paid will die in childbirth. In that case, there is a wide difference between the law as slated in the statute book and the actual practices of the people.

With the title of Obi in sight, Okonkwo does make some small concessions. The three arrive in Ibuza and happen to meet two young men on bicycles, one of whom is Chike, the handsome young headmaster of the local school. Girls are discouraged from attending. Once she becomes eligible for marriage, one of her suitors arranges to kidnap her—which, according to custom, is a legitimate way of getting a wife.

The interest of this group cannot be readily waived. Later on when she feels sick and screams, Chike brings her to the hospital.

Dowry on the other hand, is not, usually a single or simple sum like a price. Due to this there is a great deal of information imparted, but it feels heavy handed. Then again, I think I am slightly biased because I really love Buchi Emecheta's writing style, tone and generally the subject matter that she chooses to write about.

Women are blamed if they did not produce children; male children are the preferred gender.In the story, Okonkwo is Ezekiel's brother; after Ezekiel's death, he takes Ezekiel's widow, Ma Blackie, as his fourth wife.

Even in post-colonial Nigeria, the traditions are such that a woman's fate is still decided by the men in her family. As the patriarch of his family, Okonkwo is used to obedience and homage.

The Story About a Nigerian Family in the Book "The Bride Price". The Bride Price is the poignant love story of Aku-nna, a young Igbo (south eastern Nigeria) girl, and Chike, the son of a prosperous former slave.

They are drawn together despite the obstacles standing between them and their happiness, defying even the traditions of tribal life. The Bride Price essaysThis book was a story about a Nigerian family and the tradition of the bride price. Part of the story takes place in Lagos where Aku-nna, the protagonist, grew up.

After her father dies she is forced to move to Ibuza to live with her father. When The Bride Price begins, Aku-nna the character which the story centers around, is a pretty, young, and fragile school girl living in Lagos, Nigeria with her parents and younger brother.

It's the s and things are changing in the city where people are blending both Western culture and their own traditions together/5.

Book Review: The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta

The Bride Price is a novel (first published in the UK by Allison & Busby and in the USA by George Braziller) by Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta. It concerns, Author: Buchi Emecheta.

The story about a nigerian family in the book the bride price
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