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Lack of Self-Image For teenagers, being in school means more and more tests and about four to five hours of concentration doing homework every night. I was sweating even though it was cold. I want to know how you feel! Joining college, a trade school or starting a career is a big choice for someone whose biggest worry was high school homework and friends up to this point.

This pressure becomes too much to a point of frustrating the teens in school. Had she provided a scenario in which a cheater that obtained a high position ended up being a menace or having a bad effect, then one would be more likely to agree with the argument that cheating can have serious consequences.

Many admire joining the top colleges, followed by a lucrative job in this competitive economy. The lenient consequences that are given to students for cheating, is another factor that is causing an increase in cheating.

Response to Colleen Wenke’s “Too much pressure” about cheating in school Essay Sample

There is more work with great demands. Some may experience nightmares and other may refuse to go to school. Overall, her arguments are weak. As more pressure to perform builds up, many teens start to worry if they will ever succeed. The day had started on a much more positive note.

“Too Much Pressure” by Colleen Wenke Essay Sample

The anxiety is accelerated by the workload of daily assignments, projects that have to be submitted on time and finally the kid has to bring materials to school. This is a valid assumption because studies show that many of the students that cheat now are the ones which a goal to pass the test; the over achievers.

But, school comes with more choices and option that the teenager expects. Too Much Pressure Colleen Went states that cheating has been on the rise due to the fact that many teachers accept it.

The teenagers who are getting prepared for enrolling into college do so with the fear of what comes with it. The study goes on to say that there is evidence to support the idea that pushing students to strive only for college admissions can be damaging to actual learning.

In the beginning of the paragraph the student is in danger of failing. Everyone has different abilities and when one is under pressure to deliver especially in school, the feeling can be frustrating.

In the middle of that conversation I got another call from the executive editor of Modern Jeweler Magazine, where I had done a summer internship. Because many teachers ignore cheating that is occurring right under their noses, so many students get away with It.

Due to the light consequences, students cheat even more in school. Practically, no real solutions are offered for the problem.Feb 08,  · Society's Pressure to be Perfect. June 13, of having too slim of a frame. men, much like women, feel pressure to have perfect physique.

This essay was written as a final project. The. In Conclusion: Is society putting too much pressure on high school students? After careful consideration of the studies and information above, I have decided that society is putting too much pressure on high school students.

This pressure becomes too much to a point of frustrating the teens in school. Feeling Stressed and Anxiety It is unfortunate that most teens collapse under too much pressure from teachers and parents.

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Too Much Pressure; Too Much Pressure MAG. By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. My mother has always been my most adamant supporter. She has encouraged and motivated me so that I would do almost anything.

Too much pressure essay
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