Writing a newspaper column

The topic is usually stated in the first paragraph. This is no time to straddle the fence. Past themes include global economic issues and statistics. If it wanders the reader will wander off. Past themes include fantasy football, professional soccer, D. Provide enough information in the headline to give the casual reader an impression of the entire story.

Pay attention to your penchants! The good column will have a clear identity, so that the readers will feel they know the writer, his or her prejudices, enthusiasms and obsessions. Pick a limit and see how it feels.

How to Get a Writing Job for a Newspaper or Column

It could be a stipulation that the paper reserves the right to archive your column, either in their personal archives or in a publicly-available electronic archive.

Writing a column requires clarity of thought, the ability to communicate a message clearly and simply, and an engaging style. The column must sustain its theme, building towards a climax or "pay-off" line. However, it is not enough to simply state your opinion.

Recommendations Retain your copyright! Openings and endings The first line of an op-ed is crucial. Add to that the fact that many magazines and newspapers demand, because of shrinking space, that an article be no longer than a words, and you have ample reason to make your article or column piece reasonably short.

How to write an op-ed or column

Build an op-ed portfolio by publishing well-crafted, one-time guest columns in various local and national papers. A column is, after all, a great credit. Keep in mind that the larger the paper, the more difficult it will be to get published.

So You Need A Column Topic?

Instead of the national homeless issue, make it the homeless issue in your hometown. Invite them to email or call to discuss their needs and your fees. It may be inspired by a particular quote from a public figure, a story in the news, a report, an unusual occurrence, a piece of bureaucratic absurdity, a domestic incident or a sporting controversy.

Stories can be personal, cultural or historical. It represents clarity of thinking. There are some columns that cover topics such as identity or politics that are always good subjects to write about, but sometimes the great column ideas develop from seemingly simplistic ideas, like this one in the Guide about sandwiches.

In your response, describe your editorial services, if you offer them, and refer readers to your site.Dec 12,  · How to Write a Column.

How to Write a Newspaper Headline

In this Article: Article Summary Sample Columns Choosing the Content Creating Your Column Community Q&A. Columns are articles or features written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other publications.

They are usually published regularly and on a schedule. These columns rely heavily on the unique voice and adventures of the writer. (See “Ever So Humble” for more on writing a personal column.) When choosing your own topics for any type of column, aim for universal appeal but anchor your wisdom with precise detail.

Writing a newspaper column gives an author an opportunity to address a wide range of people, conveying news and information on a given subject. Most newspaper columns have a specific theme, or topic category the writer focuses on from column to column.

A good way to break into column writing is to start local, say, at a daily or weekly newspaper in your city. Be willing to write for free initially. You are gaining good exposure while learning your craft and collecting great clips. Apr 17,  · Ten Tips For Better Column Writing and Article Writing.

Updated on May 18, Bill Holland. more. If you are writing an article or column for a local publication, then whenever possible make sure that you give it a local angle if possible. I have been writing on newspaper since I have been trying to improve myself Reviews: Art of Column Writing By Suzette Martinez Standring President National Society of Newspaper Columnists I was jealous of employed columnists.

In comparison, the lot of a freelancer felt difficult, scrapping for the next job, doing “other things” while writing a column. Inemployed newspaper columnists were the majority in the NSNC.

Writing a newspaper column
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